Technical Advisory

New Leaf Technical Committee Members at our Annual Gala Event 2013

The Technical Advisory Committee consists of a group from various professional sectors that meet regularly, through the oversight of the Board of Directors, providing guidance on all matters relating to New Leaf Society projects and site development. The Committee handles the technical logistics for current projects and past projects and has a strategic process for site selection, including a list of basis criteria for future projects. Committee members visit and document sites that have possibilities of planting enhancements with consideration for plant selection to budgeting. A scoring system is one of the tools used to determine a potential site in addition to other factors like community need. The Committee is always open for suggestions of site locations.

Below is a list of our standard site selection criteria:

  • Cost to Transform the Site
  • Ease of Project
  • High traffic/Visibility of site
  • Ownership/Property Control Issue
  • Level of Community Support
  • Marketing Appeal
  • Opportunity (DOT/City Priority/Property Transition, Etc.)
  • Neighborhood Impact and Demographics
  • Public Safety/Security

The members of the Technical Advisory Committee collaborate with our partners to ensure the success of our projects and stay focused on the mission set out by the New Leaf Society Board of Directors and its members.

  • Kelly May – Chair
  • Kelly Allen
  • Sandi Bagby
  • Jason Barnhill
  • Janice Burgess
  • Keith Clapp
  • Rett Davis
  • Nolan Kirkman
  • Gary Smith
  • Grace VandeVisser
  • Meaghan Widenhouse
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